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An honest account of a 5 day Juice Detox

January 8, 2018

Good day to you! I hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend and I hope you filled it with fun and creativity. If you didn't then you always can this week. For me, last week was definately a challenge. I said I would update you on the Juice Detox and here I am with no more juices to consume (thank god!)

Day 1:  The juices arrived. I was instructed to pop them all straight into the fridge - no freezing them like some others. I thought great I don't have to defrost anything I can just grab one and go. I had the first at 9am and the second at 12 with a schedule to have the next at 3pm and final at 6pm. After the second juice I had to head out and didn't make it back home until around 4.45pm having missed my third juice and I had already started getting peckish around 2 O'clock. I had my third juice at 5pm and was still getting hungrier (not nice) and gulped the last juice down at 7pm. After scowling around the kitchen eyeing up all the left over nuts, crisps and chocolate from Christmas and New Year, I caved and ate 3 salted peanuts at around 9pm which was a joy. First day down - It should get easier right?

Day 2: Woke up eager to weigh myself and then decide weather it's worth it or not. 2 lbs shifted - not too bad. If I carry on like this i'll be 10 pounds lighter in a few days yippie. So I had the first juice at 9am and started work. that kept me busy and 12 O'clock came round quickly for my second juice. The juices themselves were quite watery compared to some juice detoxes and there were only 4 a day. Come 2pm I was getting hungry again and longed for 3pm. I filled up on water and herbal teas in-between. I then started watching you tube videos on how people got through a juice diet looking for tips but found that the people on my videos were getting 6 or more juices to have in a day and seemed full of more fruits and veg then mine was - what a cop out! I had my 3pm juice as planned. Then I cheated!!!! In all honesty I needed some painkillers and had put off having them as there was nothing in my belly therefore I made a Lentil soup at around 6pm and then had my final juice. Would the scales know??

Day 3: By today I was scolding myself for not buying the 3 day detox and for spending extra money on 5 day in a panic. Another 2 lbs lost so say the scales. Yesterday was really tough and by day 3 I was watching a lot of videos about people juicing and getting jealous of people who could eat. I had convinced myself that the juice detox like any extreme diet, were best for people who are pretty much already there. People who already eat clean and have near to no body fat already and who look after themselves, not some chick who for the last month had been scoffing chocolate, crisps and Chinese take away because it was the month of christmas and I had been dieting all year! Today I tried having my juices later on so in the morning I had a herbal tea and had the first juice at 12 O'clock. I was thinking about food a lot but also planning recipes for when it ends and joined Veganuary to keep a clean eating view for the month. Today I caved and ate Tomato soup. I figured it was liquid like and I needed something else to get through. After all I didn't do this to feel like I was starving myself.

Day 4: half a pound off. Damn tomato soup. my weight shifting has slowed down and i'm fed up. Those people who claim to feel energised after the first day and bouncing around are liars. I wish it was the 3 day detox and it was all over. I watched my local Football team which I thought would keep me busy and I took a juice with me and then it happened. I really caved and had a cheese and Onion pasty with peas and gravy at the ground. It was the best damn pasty I had ever tasted and I didn't feel bad. I did however carry on the juices that day ( and maybe had a mini chocolate egg that night)

Day 5: The LAST DAY hurray!. In my post detox food prep I had been keen to make some over night oats so I did that yesterday and ate them for brekkie this morning. After yesterday I thought I may aswell reintroduce some healthy food if i'm going to eat something to make it easier. I went about my day with the juices and herbal teas and then later that night had a wagamama's to celebrate the end of the diet haha! it was truly amazing. You really do learn how to appreciate food after not eating it properly for 5 days!! I nearly fell asleep at the table afterwards in utter food bliss.

End result: 4 pounds off and no bloat. I'm glad I did it although I think 3 days was my limit. I gave myself a great start and now i'm off to the gym and starting my Vegan recipes to keep on a good and healthy path. In my opinion you can lose the same by eating healthy and hitting the gym anyways so if you decide to do a juice Detox, look carefully into which one is right for you - I would say you need more that 4 watery juices a day to realistically keep on with it. My juice detox was from Fuel-Station ordered online but I wouldn't use them again.


anyways - have a great week and good luck with your health plans xoxo


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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