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What do I need do to personalise this awesome sweater I hear you ask?


Follow these easy steps...


  1. Tell us the name that you would like on the sweater
  2. Add in your little one's fave toy, animal or item
  3. Let us know your city and little one's date of birth
  4. Now we are ready to Rock and/or Roll


It couldn't be easier....1, 2, 3  GO!

Baby Band Tour Sweater

Sweater Colour Options
Print colour options
  • Hi there, Ok so welcome to your gig venue where we have a few rules and regs to keep the crowd under control.


    First up

    • Please remember to iron your new sweater inside out. Don't be a rebel and ensure that your design lasts a long time like the Rolling Stones
    • We need you to know that this Sweater is PETA Vegan approved because we are of course, Rock and Roll and this is cool
    • This sweater has two self coloured poppers on the left shoulder which you can leave open to look extra awesome - but mainly they are there so it's easier to pull over little ones head

    Please note the Yellow sweater does not include shoulder poppers and is not PETA Vegan approved***

  • Age/Height (cm)

    6-12 months - 66-76cm

    12-18 months - 76-86cm

    18-24 months - 86-93cm

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